Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Power Outage

Experienced my first power outage here today.  It happened just after 4pm.  Since I was home alone, and everything went out, including phone and internet, I went out into the hall to see what my neighbors were doing.  The unit south of ours had workers in it, and they had all the doors open.  The lady was very nice.  Not only was she there with a guy working on some kind of structural thing, she is the nanny for the couple's 3 kids ages 11, 5 and 2.  She tried calling a couple places for me, possibly the building Super.  It wasn't very clear, as her English wasn't stellar, and my Hebrew, well, you know the story with that.

Then we knocked on the door of the unit to the east of ours, as I could hear drilling in there.  It doesn't appear to be occupied yet.  There were two guys and an older woman (possibly the owner?) there, also not using power (I guess the locals really are used to 90 degree days!)  She called as well, and said the whole block was out of power.  That reminded me that last Friday, on the north side of Bograshov, that block was out of power (Dan couldn't get is coffee from our friendly neighborhood coffee counter that day.  Only the juice lady was working, running off a generator).  While they (locals/friends/family) have been telling me that power outages are rare (once or twice a year), I am beginning to wonder....

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