Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Living in a Hotel

That's it.  We're in the Sheraton for the next 45 days. Thanks to Dan's Platinum Starwood status, we at least have a suite, which amounts to two sides of one long room.  It's not noise proof, but it will separate the work space from the sleeping space a bit, which is significant.  It's a good thing I'll be starting Ulpan on July 25th, as that will get me out of here Sun-Thu 8am-1:30pm until a week or so after we move back into our apartment.  Hope those Frenchie's take good care of it (and the couple plants I inherited from the last Ford Rep.)

We schweated our tails off with the final packing up and moving of stuff from the apartment to the storage room in the basement, and the car.  Michal, our landlady, was telling us how unusually chilly it has been in the evenings these past couple weeks, and how they have been eating on their deck every night.  Well, we've been eating outdoors after sunset at various restaurants in town as well, but I wouldn't exactly call it "chilly."  Maybe next summer I will think so? 

We don't have our Vonage phone here, so if you want to chat over the next few weeks, it's all Skype all the time.  I'll try to remember to leave it turned on. 

Happy Birthday Dita!!!

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