Saturday, July 17, 2010

Guns at Ikea

I'm getting used to the hand guns on all the security guards outside of stores.  I'm used to the metal detectors and the guy who looks in your handbag too.  While these are not normal for most parts of the US, I did work in NYC in 2005-2008.

So the security guards packing heat stop you before you drive into the Ikea garage.  They ask you questions, and look inside your vehicle.  Then there's a line to go through the metal detector and have your bag looked at before you can go up the escalator to the main entrance.  Once inside, you could be in any Ikea in the world.  Except for one thing.  Some of the other shoppers are in military uniform after their day's work.  And some of them have an AK47 strapped over their shoulder.  Yes, while police can stop you anytime, anywhere, for any reason, you also have the right to carry a gun anytime (assuming you're trained, which any citizen over 19 is).  Dana, one of Dan's childhood friends here, was explaining that for a soldier who is assigned a gun like that, they are required to keep it in their possession at all times.  I guess that's why this guy had his gun over one shoulder, and his Ikea bag stuffed full of spatulas and bath mats over the other. 

I chased him half way around the store with Dan's Blackberry to try to get a photo to share with you, but alas, I failed. 

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