Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meathead on a skateboard scooter

Last night we walked a good half hour south to the cute and trendy neighborhood of Neve Tzedek.   We planned to go to an Italian restaurant for dinner that was highly recommended, in a quaint courtyard.  However, Dan tried to make reservations (this is another odd thing - nearly all restaurants require reservations.  If you show up without one, half the tables are empty, but they won't seat you except in the back corner, because in theory everyone will be arriving in 15 minutes.  Right.)

Anyway, the phone line was busy, so after a few tries, we figured we'd just head down there.  Of course, upon arrival, while more than half the tables were empty, they were only willing to seat us inside, as it was 8:45pm, and all the outdoor tables were reserved for 9pm.  Nahon? 

So we walked over to a great little place we ate at with Mazi on our pre-trip, just a minute away, called Suzanna.  They were packed, but seated us outside at the last 2 top I could see.  This place has a fairly large patio, and is under an enormous tree that shades it all.  They have lights in the tree, so it's has a wonderful atmosphere.  And the food was excellent, again.  We had a delicious beet/carrot/calarabe salad with grapefruit and nuts, and a mixed stuffed platter.  They stuffed peppers, grape leaves and a few pastry-like items, as well as apricots, fresh fig, and dates.  Delicious!  Suzanna has made our short list for visitors, so if you plan to visit us, plan to join us here for an evening. 

On the walk home, we saw the funniest site - a 20 something muscle beach guy riding one of those motorized skateboards with handlebars, all tucked up tight in the middle of it to maintain his balance.  Wished I'd had a camera, but a good laugh will have to suffice. 

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