Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't drive in Israel

Unless you're comfortable with driving in Boston or NYC, which will have given you about 80% of the training required to survive on the road here, don't do it.  When you come to visit us, I'll drive you around. 

Today was my 3rd or 4th drive out to Delek with Dan, to swap cars.  It takes about a half hour.  Today we went through Jaffa (his usual route during rush hour), which means less switching of roads, and no highway.  Every time I get in a car I am reminded why they don't bother to put cruise control in it.  Because there's no such thing as cruising around here.  They paint lanes on the road, but I think that if you're Israeli, you can't see them.  I must have special super secret vision, since I can make them out.

Anyway, if you don't like stop and go, weaving in and out, cat-like reflexes to avoid others who'd like their car to make out with your car in your lane, motorcycles squeezing between you and the rail or other car one foot away from you - then you should not be driving here.  And if you don't like horn honking because your foot wasn't already on the gas when the light turned yellow (it turns yellow briefly before green to let you know to rev your engines), or horn honking because you changed lanes, or because it's Wednesday, the sky is blue, or the sun is shining, you better bring some noise canceling headphones to wear while driving, or again, don't drive.  Of course the horn honking can't be avoided even while walking or taking a bus.  Or sitting inside.  I really can appreciate the NYC no honking laws now.


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