Monday, June 28, 2010


Thoroughly enjoyed the rain and cool winds here in the northwest this week.  Taking in the mountain and bay views, bald eagle watching, and catching up with wonderful friends.  I think I'm in for a bit of climate and culture shock in 3 days!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What happened the last 2 weeks?

The last couple weeks have been a blur of activity.  Upon returning from our pre-trip on May 30th, we spent Memorial Day getting organized, picked up Dan's mom from the airport, dropped Dan off at the airport (for a week in London for work), and then I went to work in Flint Tue-Thu.  Miki arrived on Thursday morning the 3rd.  Thursday evening I flew to Boston for our 10 year Wellesley reunion, stayed with Lisa two nights, and Anindita & Erin one (thank you ladies!), and had a blast on campus catching up with great friends, and learning about all the changes on campus and  amazing accomplishments of my fellow alums.  Even connected with the Center for Work and Service, and am hoping to help them expand their internship opportunities in Israel!  On Sunday 6th, I met up with Dan (he flew in on Friday after returning from London) and Craig & Sara hosted a really nice BBQ at their house where we saw all our "old" Boston friends.  Thanks guys!  Had our last true New England steak tips...Sara, you are quite the chef! 

Sunday night the 6th we flew back to Detroit, worked a full week, and spent every evening getting organized.  This move was much more difficult than the previous ones, as we had to determine which items we thought should be sold, donated, stay in storage, go via container, via air, or via suitcase!  What a process.  Also had to sort out storage of Miki's furniture, and a few of Maca's boxes.  In the end it all fit in the storage room, but it was quite a bit of work to get organized.  And of course, as soon as the house heard we were moving, little things started to break everywhere.  Luckily they were easy fixes, just time consuming.  On Sunday June 13th we held a "Last Ham" BBQ to say goodbye to local friends - or should I say, the Velez's, Nicholson's and Leoni's threw us a great party. 

The movers arrived on my last day of work, Tuesday 15th.  On Thursday 17th they brought the bright orange 40ft container and filled it about 3/4ths full.  We spent Wed and Thu nights in hotels, then I flew out to WA Friday evening, and Dan flew to Israel Saturday morning. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wellesley in Israel

Just came back from my 10 year reunion weekend at Wellesley College.  What an inspirational, intellectually challenging, affirming group of women - best friends, really.  158 of my 599 classmates were there, along with members of every class on a five year cycle (2005, 1995, 1990, all the way back to 1935 - there were two 97 year old Wellesley women there to celebrate with us!)

It is a small college, but Wellesley alums are all over the world doing incredible things, from new cancer drug marketing, to geologic oil drilling science, to international criminal justice in the Hague, to stay at home moms and mental health counselors, every one of these women is exceptionally interesting.

I dropped in on the campus Center for Work and Service to see what resources they had, and ended up speaking with an Israeli-American career counselor, with helpful tips and resources for filling my professional time in Israel.  Then I ran into one of my old contacts there who shared that Wellesley is increasing summer intership opportunities and I may be able to help them increase their presence in Israel.  Between this, and my hope to spend some time working for and learning from local sustainability experts, this could turn out to be better than I ever imagined. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

one foot in the west, one in the middle east

Following our travel tradition, things seem to heat up in areas shortly after we have visited.  Only this time, we'll be heading back there quite soon, and for some time.

Thought I'd share a few perspectives on the current situation in Gaza:

A blogger's story

Video of the IDF naval boat

My overall sense, even before this event occured, from conversations with Israeli's, is that the majority do not feel that their goverment reflects them.  The goverment continues to serve a minority that controls the political system because the two majority parties cave to the minority instead of finding common ground and combining forces to represent the majority.  Apparently most of the leadership just rotates through the top 5 or so governmental roles.  And we thought it was impossible to get "change" in the USA.  As I learned from a great high school physics teacher, everything is relative.