Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What flora can attract

There are plenty of pigeons and crows here, which quite frankly I could do without.  It's the little birds that have captured my attention.  There are the common chickadees and what look a bit like starlings.  But I am truly excited about the hummingbirds! 

Over the summer I saw pairs land on our balcony a couple times, so I finally had a chance to get out my hummingbird feeder last weekend.  I had a pair check it out within minutes of placement, but not a lot of interest it seemed. 

However, this morning, as we sat down for a quick breakfast, a bright shiny blue male came to survey the situation.  After a number of gulps, he flitted off.  Then a few minutes later his female mate came and did the same.  He came back again shortly after.  They've been at this for more than a half hour now. 

I've also seen a beautiful white crested bird that looked like a parakeet, from the window of my ulpan classroom.  And there was a speckled medium sized bird the flew past our balcony last week which I have not seen before or since.  Unfortunately, I have yet to capture these other ones on film, but here are a few of my little humming friends. 

In the top photo the male is at the feeder, and in the bottom one he's perched on top of my shesik fruit tree. 

What else do you see in the sky in the top photo?

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