Sunday, October 31, 2010

A treat for halloween

In mid September we met with a cabinet manufacturer and ordered the final furniture we need for our apartment - bathroom cabinets, filing cabinets, and professional assistance hanging Ikea cabinets in our kitchen so that they can withstand significant weight despite the plaster/concrete wall construction.

We were told 2-3 weeks to delivery and installation, despite the upcoming holidays at that time.  We left for 2 weeks, and were excited to get our place organized when we returned the first week of October.  After several unsuccessful attempts to get ahold of the guy, we were told 10 more days.  So we waited patiently.  At the 10 day mark, we again couldn't get ahold of the guy.  After round two of frustrating phone calls, we were told another week because their machines broke down.  Now the target date was Oct 26th.  Well, on Oct 26th, we were told they won't be ready until Sunday, October 31st. 

In the meantime, our kitchen has looked liked this for two months - a hurricane of boxes and cabinets.  The bathrooms and the office have been in a similar state of disarray. 

Today we finally received a happy halloween treat (thankfully, no tricks!)  Two guys arrived at 1:30pm, with 3 filing cabinets, 3 bathroom cabinets, and all the right tools to hang our kitchen and living room cabinets.  HOOOOOORAAAAAY!!!! 

I scrubbed  them out and started to fill them tonight, but I am still in disbelief. 

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