Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ahmadinejad in Lebanon last Thursday

It was just another regular day here for us.  No talk about politics at Ulpan.  But it was all over CNN Thursday night.  It appears Iran is using Lebanon to build support and position itself against Israel.  Sounds like this isn't new, although Ahmadinejad's media exposure seems heightened.

I did hear at least one local perspective on the peace talks taking place right now.  It sounds like the American position is so concerned about trying to make the peace talks work that they are making huge concessions to try to temporarily hault construction in the West Bank now that the freeze on construction has ended.  The reason this is important is that the two sides won't have a meaningful conversation as long as Israeli construction is permitted there.

Another Israeli who says that she doesn't really follow the politics shared her sense of irony, in that Iran was one of Israeli's closest allies years ago.  In fact, her family even lived in Iran for a short time.  But changes from Kingdom to democracy changed the Iranian leadership's relationship with Israel (obviously, for the worse).

It seems to me that the middle east is like a family.  Fighting all the time, but more like each other than anyone else.  The ultimate, epic family feud.


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