Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wireless, wireless, where have you gone?

Internet access has not exactly met my expectations here.  In a country that boasts one of the biggest high-tech industries around the world, I expected internet to be a given, like water and electricity.  While it IS widely available, it is NOT reliable.   The concrete building construction isn't helping, nor is the lack of thinking during building to ensure different floors in the same apartment can receive signals.  Between the lack of thoughtful wiring and lack of power outlets in useful places, accessing the web and setting up other electronics has been a challenge, to say the least. 

This is impacting our Vonage phone as well.  Over the course of several hours, internet will go from flying, to crawling, to crapping out completely, then picking up again.  So, bear with us, if you've tried to call or Skype from the States.  There's only so much time one can spend with unreliable technology before you're ready to throw it off your 6th floor balcony (or at least lock it up in a room and leave the problems for another day).

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  1. alethea,
    do you know if your condo building wifi internet connection is 802.11 b g or n or is a proprietary wideband WiFi?

    do you connect directly with the wifi network card in your pc or do you use a wireless router?

    i suggest one of these repeaters/extenders with a hi gain outside yagi pointed at the WiFi provider closest hotspot originating point.