Saturday, September 11, 2010

blew a fuse

You may or may not be aware that outside the U.S., they use different electrical settings.  This means that you can't just plug in U.S. electronics here.  Computers and cell phones are already designed for use around the world, so all you need is an adapter for the shape of the plug into the wall.  But for appliances (coffee makers, blenders, hand mixers, etc) you need to know the watts and volts, and buy an appropriate transformer.  Well, we thought we did.

Last week Dan plugged in his coffee maker, excited to have coffee at home for the first time.  He double checked the watts used by the coffee maker, and the maximum the transformer was able to handle.  The coffee maker was 500 watts and the transformer was for 1600 - plenty of wiggle room (which is recommended).  As he plugged it in, we heard a loud "pop" sound, and that was the end of that.

Today he wanted an ice coffee.  So out came my cuisinart blender/mixer.  He plugged it in and "pop"!  That was the end of my blender.  Only this time he blew all the power on the 6th floor (for once I'm happy that our 5th floor is wired separately from the 6th).  We're now waiting for the electric company to send a guy over, because flipping the breakers in the apartment did nothing for us, and the ones in the basement for the building are behind lock and key. 

Oh the joys of relo....


  1. Seriously, our husbands and their need for coffee. Grrr. You lose your appliances and electricity; me I live with a constant coffee ground dust on part of my counter and constant need for gadgets. Wasn't that cuisinart from me?

  2. Yes, it was from you, and don't worry, he got a stern talking to. :)