Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 2

Arrived in Tel Aviv almost an hour late.  Our two experimental checked luggage items made it.  The suitcase was fine, but the box clearly split on the handlers as it was wrapped in a new round of packing tape.  Good thing it just contained the aerobed, sheets, blankets and towels.  Also one jar of canned prunes from Mom, buried in the middle of the aerobed which seemed to have protected it. 

Kuki brought Benchick (her one year old son) to meet us at the airport.  Thanks to the smashed box, we were able to squeeze our luggage into her Subaru Impreza (cars are much smaller here).  After checking into the Sheraton, she drove us around a bit of Tel Aviv to give us a first impression of neighborhoods.  Tomorrow morning, Sunday, is the first day of the work week, so we will meet Mazi, our real estate agent, at 10am with plans to see at least 15 apartments.  They're in various neighborhoods, so we hope to get a better feel for it all.

Time to sleep!

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