Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 1

Effective June 21st, Dan has been assigned to be the Ford Motor Company rep to Israel for the next three years.  While we learned of this decision nearly a month ago, today is the day we fly out on our pre-trip.  It is becoming real.  Yes, we've been busy the past four weeks - renting our home, sorting, ebaying, craigslisting, and donating household items, gathering paperwork for Alethea's B1 Visa, and generally trying to keep our heads screwed on straight.  But in one hour we get on our Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, then on to Tel Aviv, where we will arrive Saturday in the late afternoon.  Kuki will meet us at the airport (thanks Kuki!), and later in the evening we will celebrate Nechama's and Maya's birthdays with the "other" Bieliks (Uncle Igor and fam).

Sunday we have a packed day of apartment hunting.  If you're interested, stay tuned....

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  1. Miss you already. With this flight for "house hunting" it has become so real for us too. Now your move is only a few weeks away. Life's journey is about new adventures. This experience will certainly be that. I look forward to further posts. Mom