Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today Ford launches the new Focus in Israel.  Unlike in the U.S. where new models are released every year, they haven't had a new Focus here in something like five years.  So they make a slightly bigger deal about it.  The press is currently on a cross country test drive.  They were flown to the north this morning, and will return tonight from Eilat. 

I woke this morning to this picture in my email from Dan.  It is hard to read, but this plane says Air Seychelles on it.  We flew this little arline the day we got engaged, in the islands of the Seychelles, just over four years ago.  Today is our three year wedding anniversary.  And Dan went up in the air on the same plane (it obviously was sold from their fleet, but has not been repainted since arriving in the little local airport north of Tel Aviv).  It was chartered for the Focus launch event.

Happy anniversary!

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