Monday, December 13, 2010

Out with a bang

Well, I finally awoke to some patches of blue sky today.  The rain has been off and on, but the wind is calming down.

Everyone kept telling me this is what Israeli winters are like.  Just like they told me about the dry spells during Israeli summers.  Except this summer broke records, and now this winter is as well.  Finally a news article to corroborate my story - this weather is NOT normal.  There were 100 km/hr winds, and 10 meter waves.

What is that white stuff on the corner of my patio?  It's SNOW!  Yes, it snowed in Tel Aviv last night, and I have proof.  It also rained in my apartment.  That is to say, the roof by our kitchen sprung a leak and dripped down the wall, across the light switches and power outlet, culminating in a puddle last night.  I piled old rags around the wall to contain the drip, and luckily it subsided as the rain did this morning. 

Here's a YouTube Video (taken by someone else) from the southern end of Tel Aviv looking north along the coast....


  1. video kinda looks like the west coast of Washington or Vancouver Island, eh? ;-)

  2. I've thought about that too. While Tel Aviv is overdeveloped along the water, and there is no protection from islands like the Puget Sound has, it is still a west-facing coast that stretches for miles, and from the north or south end of Tel Aviv, it can feel a bit like home. I am finally able to watch the sun set over the water again each night. It's lovely.