Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The frenchies are frenching in Israel

We have quickly discovered that the French use Tel Aviv for holidays the way the Israeli's used to use Turkey (until the recent scuffle over the Gaza Strip, causing most Israeli's to boycott tourism to Turkey for the meantime). 

We're not sure there are any French left in France.  At least during August.  We hear more French in the hotel than any other language.  When Dan took the Bielik's to see our apartment last week, they had a pleasant interaction with the French family renting it right now.  Apparently they just bought their own condo here, but it's not ready for habitation yet, so they rented our place for their holiday this summer.  Until now, they always stayed at the Sheraton.  Of course. 

The frenchies are frenching all over town.  In fact, a news report said there are as many French in Israel in August as there are college students in Boston during the school year - 200,000!!!  But at least their kids aren't knocking on the door to our room at 1am and yelling in the hallways like the Spanish vacationers in July.  I wonder if I'd get treated differently if I went by my maiden name here?

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